Where to begin? From the minute of our arrival until our point of departure five days later we wallowed in this oasis in the desert.

We arrived after the office had closed so were instructed to use the lockbox to retrieve our keys which worked out fine coming in on a Friday night from an LAX arrival from NY. The minute you walk through that gate and hear the fountain and see the pool and outdoor fireplace, you know you are home.

Sauntering across the property with the map provided with the keys, we landed at our lovely Grande deluxe suite with a well stocked goody basket waiting for us. The suite was gorgeous, and we settled in before getting our second wind.

The property is split into two sections – the front and the back. We were in the back and it felt like our own personal resort. We were visiting with another couple and at no point in time did it feel crowded. The other guests at the time were very friendly but respected your space. While clothing optional, a majority of guests did not avail themselves to this option. That probably varies as guests come and go.

The breakfast while “continental” was outstanding. There was quite a variety that varied from day to day. Yummy chocolate croissants and muffins to fresh fruit and yoghurt. And everything in between. Another wonderful perk is the poolside lunch that is offered on a daily basis. A well curated selection of salad and sandwich options done by a popular local deli were much appreciated. And if you are not around when lunch is delivered poolside, then outstanding staff will place your items in your room’s refrigerator.

Now to the best part of this establishment: the staff! From the first breakfast to the last, we got to know the very professional staff over the duration of our stay and they made us feel completely like kings (or queens!) in our castle. The management and staff anticipate your every need here. There are even on site laundry facilities so that you can travel more lightly which was an unexpected benefit as we were traveling extensively throughout southern California on our visit.

This is a wonderful way to experience Palm Springs. Only problem is you may not want to leave the property.

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