Good things come in threes and so it is with our most recent stay at the Hacienda. This was the third summer we have been there and it just keeps getting better and better since we know the people who work there and they know us. Again, Steve did an outstanding job at setting up the reservation, even letting us know that the included lunch would be available to order prior to our arrival, which was ready for us when we checked in on Saturday. Steve greeted us like old friends and had our room ready in the back part of the resort. We love the atmosphere at this pool since the landscaping is very soothing when you are laying in the pool. Paul and Robbie as always were a great help throughout our stay. Again, since we were repeat guests, we had pillows with our names embroidered on them on the bed when we checked in. The owners, Jim and Maurice, hosted a cocktail reception on Saturday and we got to catch up with a couple we had met on our stay 2 years ago, so it was really like being with good friends. We all felt that it was one of the most relaxing vacations we had been on for a long time and were grateful to Steve that he gave us late checkout on the day of our departure back to LA. We won’t stay anywhere else in Palm Springs!! Joe, Jim, and Dominic

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