I recently enjoyed a full week stay at The Hacienda at Warm Sands. This was my second time visting The Hacienda and it reconfirmed why I would not stay anywere else when visiting Palm Springs.

The staff is amazing. They are friendly, professional, and go the extra mile to make your stay a pleasant one. From recommending restaurants to booking massages, the staff is top notch.

My absolute favorite service The Hacienda provides is the pre-shopping service. For a nominal fee and the cost of items purchased, you can submit a list in advance of your stay of what you would like stocked in your room and the staff will do the shopping for you and have your room fully stocked upon your arrival. Everything from snacks and bottled water to sunscreen and alcohol. Its great to come from the airport and settle in without having to run to the store and stock up on these items. More time to relax.

In addition to the continental breakfast that is served in the morning, The Hacienda also has lunch catered. Simply submit your order form to the front desk in the morning and lunch will be brought to you and served poolside or in your room. How great is it to not have to leave to get lunch when you are enjoying a relaxing day by the pool?

The rooms are large, very clean, and very comfortable. The rooms are full of amenities.
– Refridgerator – Blender
– Sink – Martini Shaker
– Cups – TV and CD player
– Plates – Clock radio with IPHONE docking station
– Silverware – Safe
– High end Personal Care supplies

For me the tell tale sign that The Hacienda is a great place to stay, is that in the six nights I stayed at the resort, after dinner, I went back to the hotel to swim under the stars, read my book, or watch a movie from their movie library. Not once did I go out to the bars at night. I was very happy to stay in and relax.

Traveled solo.

For more information, contact The Hacienda

From Within US:

1-800-359-2007 or 1-760-327-8111

From Outside US:

01-800-359-2007 or 01-760-327-8111