Out of all of the guest houses that I have stayed with over the years, the best gay guest house is The Hacienda at Warm Sands. The rooms are clean, the property is impeccable, the breakfast menu and catered lunch menu is delicious. I have to say that I am beyond impressed. The guest house staff, Jim and Maurice sent me a nice bottle of red wine in honor of my Birthday! You don’t have to worry about forgetting to tip the wonderful staff, because it is added to your stay! There are two pools and a 10-man hot tub, all of which is clothing optional. If you are shy about being naked, the clientele is generally more mentally mature than most places, so you don’t have to be naked if you don’t want to and no one will judge you otherwise.

For more information, contact The Hacienda
From Within US:
1-800-359-2007 or 1-760-327-8111
From Outside US:
01-800-359-2007 or 01-760-327-8111