My partner Rob and I have been coming to The Hacienda for nearly 10 years. Why has it taken me so long to write something about it? It’s one of those special places on the planet that is so special to me that you almost don’t want to share. The owners Jim and Maurice have taken so much time and effort to make sure that you have all the incredible amenity’s that you would ever need. And then there are the wonderful people that care of your every need. (no guys not every need, they do leave that up to you). Tom and the rest of the staff are wonderful. I know that the prices of the Hacienda are a little bit higher than most of the resorts in this area, but trust me it’s worth every dollar. Those of you who haven’t taken the time to walk thru that front gate beware. Once you do all those other places that you have been staying at will never look the same. And once you stay here you will never be comfortable staying anywhere else. And last but not least.. I know he’s reading this and saying.. “What about me?” A stay at the Hacienda would never be complete without seeing his bright smile, his witty (he thinks so) humor. And never ending need to make your stay as wonderful as possible. Steve I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful stays at the Hacienda. The only thing that is difficult about the Hacienda, is waking up that final morning and knowing that you have to leave. But like this stay and many in the past I think I’ll change my mind and stay just one more night.

Thank you gentlemen for everything that you do.

For more information, contact The Hacienda
From Within US:
1-800-359-2007 or 1-760-327-8111
From Outside US:
01-800-359-2007 or 01-760-327-8111