Picture this: after just finishing a career with the US Navy “driving” big ships…..this ex-Navy boy goes back to sea for a 65-day luxury cruise around the rim of the Pacific Ocean (a fabulous voyage!)…..but needs a “pot of gold” at the end of that incredible voyage to ease back into the real world. So what does he choose to do: Well, there’s no question about it…..He spends a week at the Hacienda at Warm Sands in Palm Springs, CA! This is more than gold…..it’s PARADISE! Only the Hacienda at Warm Sands can top a 65-day luxury cruise!

The Hacienda at Warm Sands is, in one word: PERFECT! The rooms…..warm, spotless, even more comfy than home. The hotel grounds: gorgeous, manicured, private and “Garden of Eden”-like for gay men. The amenities: unmatched…..from the superb daily breakfast buffet to the scrumptious lunches served poolside or in your suite, to the large, flat-screen TVs and DVDs to the iPod stations bedside to the beautifully appointed rooms and bathrooms (big, soft towels…..wonderful soaps and shampoos….two-man showers!)

And the delights of downtown Palm Springs are just a couple of blocks away….a nice walk, or a very short drive.

But it’s the staff that REALLY makes the Hacienda at Warm Sands! The owners are on site almost every day…..checking and re-checking every little detail. The hotel staff are the kindest, warmest most professional I have found anywhere in the world. No detail escapes their attention! They are ALL gems! I mentioned a restaurant I was considering for dinner one night….and the staff whips out the formal menu for my review! Wow!

The Hacienda deserves it’s title, given by many others here and elsewhere around the world, as “THE BEST HOTEL FOR GAY MEN ANYWHERE!” Period! It’s romantic, it’s sensuous, it’s convenient, it’s beautiful, it’s welcoming…..it’s PERFECT!

For more information, contact The Hacienda
From Within US:
1-800-359-2007 or 1-760-327-8111
From Outside US:
01-800-359-2007 or 01-760-327-8111
http://www.thehacienda.com/ .