The Hacienda has created a beautiful oasis in Warm Sands that welcomes you from the moment you enter the gate and makes you not want to leave. The rooms, grounds, common areas, amenities – everything is done with a style that bespeaks a love for what they have created, not to mention attention to detail and professionalism. I’ve left not the least for last, and that is the outstanding staff. Steve, Kaleb, Tom and all the other guys are jewels in the Hacienda crown (or should I say tiara?!) who make it truly complete and special. They were attentive yet unobtrusive, friendly and fun yet not overly so. And they dressed like resort boys and didn’t smoke! Hooray!

From the fun cocktail reception on Saturday night to being taken in the following Sunday night when we were “orphaned” at the airport by a flight cancellation due to bad weather in Chicago (we wouldn’t have thought of calling anywhere BUT the Hacienda), the entire staff was fabulous and made us immediately feel like family. We eagerly look forward to our next stay with them. Keep up the excellent work!

For more information, contact The Hacienda
From Within US:
1-800-359-2007 or 1-760-327-8111

From Outside US:
01-800-359-2007 or 01-760-327-8111