I just completed what was probably my fifteenth-plus stay at The Hacienda. I began vacationing there even before the current owners, Jim and Maurice, were its proprietors. Over the course of the years, they have taken an already beautiful concept and introduced ongoing enhancements and improvements to make The Hacienda a first-rate luxury experience. Every surface is immaculate, the management and staff are lovely, and they deliver a level of service and professionalism that is rare in today’s world. I truly felt The Hacienda had reached perfection long ago. But, on this visit, I found a newly designed swimming pool and grounds, and the addition of an outside fireplace. Many aspects of my suite had been upgraded or refreshed since my last stay. But most of all, I noticed an even greater level of personalization–every note or card left in my room was personalized, and even my lunch order menus had been personalized with my name. I’m sure it’s difficult to think of new ways to make guests feel special, but The Hacienda continues to do just that. I used to travel to Palm Springs and stay at The Hacienda. Now I travel to vacation at The Hacienda, which happens to be in Palm Springs.

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