New York’s legalization of same-sex marriage is momentous. Following your marriage, a Honeymoon at The Hacienda at Warm Sands is the ideal way to spend the sweetest of times with your ‘honey’.

Palm Springs has truly been ‘ALIVE’ with same sex weddings. Given this flurry of activity and many phone calls we have received inquiring about weddings, we created a ‘Hacienda Honeymoon Package’ that is truly special… check it out on our web site.

If you are planning to marry, a romantic get-away stay at The Hacienda with our Honeymoon Package could spark new lifelong memories of this milestone in your lives. Alternatively your friends may have an interest in our Honeymoon Package. …and our Honeymoon Package given as a Hacienda Gift Certificate could be a wonderful ‘gift’ from you to friends, or a suggestion to your family and friends on your ‘gifts registry’.

Our ‘Celebrating You’ Honeymoon Package at The Hacienda at Warm Sands is the perfect way to celebrate your marriage vows and YOU. Sun, warm temperatures, blue skies, fun cocktails, great restaurants and world-class entertainment venues…are all here for you to complete your Honeymoon in Palm Springs.

‘Celebrating YOU’ package is all the buzz of the many couples who have already enjoyed their honeymoons at the Hacienda.