My partner and I just completed a four night stay at the Hacienda, and I have to commend the staff and owners for the relaxing, quiet experince we both enjoyed! When we arrived, we were promply greeted at the gate and taken to the office, where we were told that because there was a last minute cancellation, we would be getting an “upgrade” to a suite. Talk about a pleasant surprise. The room was spacicous and immaculate. We enjoyed the use of a efficiency kitchen, dining table, and a terrific living room area. We were poolside, so that was a plus as well. The view from our room showcased a well manicured grounds area. A small area, but pristine just the same. The location of this resort is in the Warm Sands area, and is close to the areas most visitors want to be near, yet is nestled in a quiet area where you don’t hear the roar of cars and trucks racing down the road when you are seated outside or sunning poolside.

We also were pleasantly surpirsed at the fine quality of the lunches that were served to you either poolside or in your room. The food was comprised mainly of sandwiches, salads, or wraps, and were served with a side of potato salad or the like. It was just enough. The food was fresh and tasty. So that was another surpirse. We’ve stayed at other resorts that serve you a lunch like it was a school cafeteria with a menu that is the same.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and at the same time, respect the fact that you are there for a vacation and deserve to be treated with respect. They certainly illustrate that they value you as a guest and do everything they can to ensure you are satisfied.

One of the owners greeted us during lunch one day and found him to be very gracious and friendly. Again, we’ve been to resorts where the owners breeze past you and could care less if you are there or not. Sure wasn’t the case here.

This is not one of those cruisy resorts where other guests are cruising and peeking in your room, and that was a refreshing experience as well.

The only item worth mentioning is that their hot tub is somewhat small and a bit shallow. Still and all, it was clean and well maintained, so only a small “minus” for the Hacienda.

Book this resort for a future trip. We certainly intend to!

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