Dear Jim and Maurice,

First of all, we wanted to send out Congratulations on your committed love and marriage to each other. We are so happy for you both and wish All the Best together!

We also wanted to write a thank you note for the wonderful stay we had at the Hacienda! It was such a nice way to pass my Birthday and we thank all of you for the special attention you always seem to give to us!

Your boys at the Hotel are just the best, best service, best housekeeping, always there for us and so nice to talk to and see everyday! Your fine details that makes your guest feel special, from the personalized welcome, to the name pillows on the bed…which is our first experience and it was so meaningful! I would say you always maintain the three “Cs” towards your guests….”care, commitment and kindness”…..(never good at spelling)….they are so well appreciated!!

Special thanks to the two Steves….I know you changed their names to clarify who is who, but Marshall called them the wrong name even with it written in their shirts…Marshall is just so funny!…(You know the English…its a good thing we celebrated our independence yesterday!…LOL. However, I couldn’t live without my Marshall!). Anyway, back to the boys…both guys did such a wonderful job and worked so hard! Hats off to them!

With our busy international schedules…we are already discussing when we can come back…The Hacienda is our paradise relaxing vacation from the world!

All the Best to the whole team!
Jeff and Marshall

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