Our recent trip to Palm Springs was our first and we had high expectations. Many of our friends had been to this very gay-friendly city in the past and we felt like we were missing out. Since we didn’t know whether we would like any particular guest house, we decided to split our vacation in half and spend a few nights in each of two places (the Hacienda and the Century).
The Hacienda is wonderful. The grounds were open and grassy, with two fabulous pools and a hot tub, and a view of the mountains to die for. The rooms were more than spacious, they were full fledged apartments, and very clean and well tended. We had room 2, right off the front pool. We felt quite at home, as we left our door open and causually drifted from poolside to guestroom and back. It was pure relaxation and I did not want it to end. The staff was more than generous with their time for us, and their cheery mood always caused laughter to errupt from the office. It was like staying at a good friend’s place. (The Century, on the other hand, was just OK. Much more minimalist and spartan, less spacious, more concrete (as in surfaces not concepts), and it paid less attention to details.)
After taking tours of other guest houses while we were in Palm Springs, there is no question that we will stay at the Hacienda when we again visit Palm Springs (that is, if we don’t buy a house there – I say move now, my partner wants to wait a few years). The Hacienda was a major factor in my assessment of our vacation as being one of the best, most fun, and most relaxing vacations we have ever taken. Good work, boys, and thanks!

Bret in New York, NY

The Hacienda at Warm Sands in Gay Palm Springs, 586 Warm Sands Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264 (760) 327-8111; (800) 359-2007